I’m back!

Hello everyone. I know it has been three years, but I’m back! Want to learn more about family life? Want to talk to a family life coach? Do you care to hear about family science families (and let’s be real, your family and my family!), then great. That is what I’ll be focusing on here.

I’m going to post links, blogs, and vlogs (I have to learn how to do a vlog, but I will!) I’ll answer questions and share resources, and welcome parents and families to my village. This will be a supportive village. We can vent and moan and complain, and we will support, educate and coach. So glad to be starting this community! Why?

Because parenting is hard.

We shouldn’t do it alone.

@mymomolgue says…

Image may contain: text


I’m here to be a support and help support others. Let me know if you have questions, ideas, or solutions!

Finally, here is a parenting video that reminds us about managing the stress of parenting.

xoxox Kim

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