Mom and Wife

Being a member of a family is the greatest, most wonderful blessing on earth (when it isn’t one of those  frustrating, angering and miserable moments).  This blog will highlight what I know (I have a PhD in psychology and spend a great part of every day trying to better understand relationships) and what I do (which every once in a while aligns with what I should do…the rest of the time, we can hopefully all learn from my mistakes).  Mostly, my goal is to have fun, so feel free to laugh, share and enjoy yourself.

Fun Facts:

I REALLY love traveling and one our favorite travels spots is Hawaii.


My husband works very hard to make me laugh, but the best is when he laughs at my jokes. We love to have fun together.


My girls are 19 and 16 (they live with us) and my husband’s kids are young adults. There is NEVER a dull moment around our house. Lots of time family life is really great. Sometimes it totally sucks. Life was pretty good when this picture was taken in June 2019 by my friends at Craigspic.

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