Family Coach. Mom. Teacher. Lover of Life.

The Family Life Coach

Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in being coached. As a mom, wife, family member and professional, I know the stresses that come with being in a family. I also recognize that sometimes we just need help reaching our goals. That is why I first received coaching—I understood that although things were going well, they could be better. Coaching helped me reach potential that I didn’t even know I had! Now I’m happy to have the chance to help others reach their goals through family life coaching.

-Dr Allen enjoying the sites of Hawaii while attending the Family Science Association Meeting in June, 2014

What I like best about coaching is that it is a partnership. You are the expert of your family, and as a coach, I will honor your expertise and work with you as you identify your goals, create a plan, and take action steps to improve your life. I do have expertise in family matters and I’m happy to share my knowledge, but I will always expect you to guide the process. I believe there is no better way to make change.

Does coaching work? Here’s what one former client says:
“I came to work with Kim as I knew I wanted a change, but I wasn’t clear about what change I really wanted. Through our coaching, I was able to clearly identify a few goals and work towards them. One goal was to become healthier so that I could do more activities with my kids. I really wanted to ride a roller coaster with my kids. I’m happy to say that not only did I lose 50 pounds, I was able to ride that roller coaster. More importantly, I’m now able to share many experiences with my kids. I think that helps me be a better dad.”




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