Did you see that talk show where they did the make-over and got that woman a life coach and she ended up changing her life? You know the one…just about any show that does make overs now has the life coach make over because they help! They really do.

Life coaches are not only the new thing in self improvement, there is a growing science around the process of coaching and it turns out that coaches truly help people reach their goals and improve their lives.

That is why I became a family coach. I started my career as teacher, then a parent educator and a marriage and family therapist. All those were great ways of helping, but they simply do not have the results that I see in the families I coach.

If you want a change, coaching is the way to go. Many people don’t know what family or parent coaching is, so over the next few months I’ll be blogging and explaining about my work coaching families. I’ll also talk about the coaching courses I teach to masters level students.

Granted, I may not the coach they hire on those shows, but I’m excited about to share about the coaching I am doing and I hope this inspires other to take steps to improve their family life.


Dr Kim Allen


Put me in, coach!

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