What I’d like for more couples

I’m not the biggest fan of Repulican Politics, but I’ll be the first to admit when I see a good thing, even if it comes from a Republican.  So, I share with you this wonderful link that shows at least two things that all couples should have.  Caring Moments and Humor.

First of all, who doesn’t love it when a man feels emotion?  Good for you, Mr. President, that you not only feel those positive emotions for your relationship with you wife, but also that you are sharing that wonderful quality with your granddaughter.  Children need those moments in order to know what to expect for themselves.  I’m really impressed with that.

And Ms. Bush, kudos to you for finding a way to show your love and appreciation with humor.  Your touch on the President’s leg was subtle, yet strong enough to let him know that you feel his love, and you shared yours by offering him a way out of that touchy, beautiful moment.  No wonder the two of you have lasted so long in your relationship.





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